West Palm VA Hospital “Ice Cream Social”

During one of our Ice Cream Socials a caretaker approached our Host/DJ, and asked what kind of music he was playing… He replied, the oldies.

The caretaker said, the Vet I care for doesn’t speak, but he’s singing the words to all the songs you’re playing. We said, Wow! That’s amore’


Our Host/DJ is Emmy Award-winning PBS Producer, Allan Mason. His 50’s and 60’s musical flashback show rekindles special memories for our Vet’s and their families… Add some ice cream, cookies and sweet fixings and you have an Ice Cream Social. Our Vet’s enjoy the simple things in life, family, friends, and someone to talk to. Join us in celebrating their life, love of country and integrity… And if it takes a little love and a scoop of ice cream to put a smile on their face, so mote it be.